ReadOpera is a website designed for opera singers that offers the opportunity to listen to Italian opera libretti.


The libretti are read by an experienced language coach in a clear and comprehensible manner, respecting rhythm and accentuation.


The texts are not interpreted.
A non-expressive type of reading has been chosen in order not to distract from the focus of the reading itself: the correct pronunciation.


Here is a short example:

Di misera Regina
non terminati mai dolenti affanni.
L’aspettato non giunge,
e pur fuggono gl’anni.
La serie del penare è lunga, ahi troppo,
a chi vive in angosce il tempo è zoppo.

(C. Monteverdi, Il ritorno di Ulisse in patria, atto I, scena 1)


Obviously, this service cannot replace the personal approach of a language coach but should be considered an additional tool to help improve opera singers’ pronunciation of an Italian piece.



How does it work?


Click on the menu item Libretti and enter the name of a composer, a work or a opera character in the search bar and select the desired text.


On the page of the selected libretto, you will find links to Bandcamp, where you can download the audio files of the entire text, or only an excerpt, for a small fee.


Alternatively, you can order the desired mp3 audio files at and pay by bank transfer or PayPal.


Additional services on request


 – Audio recordings of texts not included in the catalogue

 – phonetic transcription in IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet)

 – metrical and/or word accents (closed or open vowels “e” and “o)

 – transcription of handwritten and/or printed Italian musical texts

 – translations into German, French and English

 – language coaching for opera singers online or in presence



The texts


The texts on ReadOpera are transcriptions of original librettos or scores in their full version.

Please note that there may be variations between the various historical editions of a libretto or score. Therefore please check the publication date of the texts available on the website.